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Best Whiskey to Drink at Bars According to Top Bartenders

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01/07/2024 Discover the top-rated Bourbon Whiskey recommended by Bartenders for 2024. This award-winning Whiskey offers outstanding quality, value for money, and taste—the perfect addition to your spirits list!

We present to you the Best Whiskey to Drink at Bars—Varchas Reserve 102 Straight Bourbon Whiskey, which everyone must stock to cater to customers better in 2024. This Whiskey scored highest based on quality, value for money, and packaging—key judging criteria of the 2024 Bartender Spirits Awards. This top selection has also been awarded gold and other prestigious accolades like "Single Barrel Bourbon of the Year" by the leading bartenders and bar managers in the US.

Details About This Bourbon Whiskey

Review from the 2024 Bartender Spirits Awards

Points Scored: 97 points

Medal won: Double Gold Medal and Single Barrel Bourbon of the Year

Tasting Notes

Lovely cooked fruit with oranges and vanilla. Drinkable and complex notes of cinnamon, canned fruit, chocolate, clove and orange that coat the entirety of the mouth. Would drink this neat or in a cocktail.

Varchas Reserve 102 Straight Bourbon Whiskey Shelf Talker, Source: Bartender Spirits Awards

Supplier Contact

You can contact Shankar Distillers LLC for samples and pricing.

At Bartenders Business, we are dedicated to providing bartenders, bar managers, and enthusiasts with premium, insider content tailored to their needs. This blog brings together expert recommendations and insights from some of the most respected bartenders in the industry. Whether you are a bartender looking to refine your drinks list, a bar manager aiming to enhance your establishment’s offerings, or a spirits enthusiast eager to expand your knowledge, this carefully selected Bourbon Whiskey is sure to impress.

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