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A Muddled Twist: London Spirits Competition To Now Accept Cocktail Submissions

Photo for: A Muddled Twist: London Spirits Competition To Now Accept Cocktail Submissions

22/12/2021 Beneficial feature for London Spirits Competition entrants

The London Competitions have become increasingly popular in the trade over the last few years. Hosted by the Beverage Trade Network, this competition is international in nature and puts the consumer’s point of view central in their understanding of award-winning wine, beer, and spirit.

Buyers and Bartenders in and around the UK look forward to the London Spirits Competition for many reasons. The impact of being awarded the London Spirits Competition medal goes a long, long way. In this award format, the consumer’s point of view takes primary importance and is relayed through a celebrated judges panel made of professional bartenders, mixologists, bartenders, and consultants. An award winner at the London Spirits Competition is generally a spirit that is of the highest quality, gives back a great value for money, and is packaged in a way that it stands out on the shelves as well as on the back bar.

This Holiday Season, a new easter egg has been unraveled by the London Spirits Competition, and it’s time for bartenders to shine! Starting 2022, the London Spirits Competition will also accept submissions for cocktails for each of the products they enter in this prestigious competition. “This is a massive feature benefit enhancement we are doing for all the 2022 spirits entrants by giving them a platform to showcase their cocktails to end consumers and to trade,'' says Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network, organizer of the London Spirits Competition.

Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network

For Bartenders around the world, this feature makes it easy to find beverages that could find an audience in their establishment. It will help bartenders and mixologists find inspiration and ready recipes handy when they stock up their bars with the winning spirits at the 2022 London Spirits Competition. It will also help break through the clutter of many, many awards that are given out to spirits around the year. All of these cocktail recipes of winning drinks will be made available to bartenders at the earliest which will help them draw inspiration and get creative.


The cocktails of winning spirits will be displayed on the results page of the 2022 London Spirits Competition in April 2022. Along with the London Spirits Competition Portal, Beverage Trade Network’s London Drinks Guide will also select cocktails from the winners’ list and display them on London Drinks Guide and Bartenders Business portal. The cocktails will also be shown in BTN’s other global consumer drinks guides like Los Angeles Drinks Guide, Chicago Drinks Guide, New York Drinks Guide, San Francisco Drinks Guide.

This new feature is now live on the London Spirits Competition website and can be accessed by entrants to upload cocktails alongside their entries. This seems like a total win-win situation for blenders, bartenders, and spirit enthusiasts alike. If you have a spirit and a cocktail recipe that the world needs to know more about, register for the 2022 London Spirits Competition today! 

Registration at £170 ends on February 28, 2022. To register your spirits, head HERE

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