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The World's Best Vodka is a Bartender's Dream!

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08/06/2021 Stelios Stavrianos’ Cylinder Vodka bags the Vodka of the Year award at the Bartender Spirits Awards.

Who can actually ever tell how good a spirit really is? The producers who make them can give us a fair insight because of their technical knowledge and the time spent in bringing us the best spirit possible.  As consumers, we are usually inclined towards our favorite spirits brands. The bunch of people who can actually give us great insight that is backed by vast knowledge on the subject and without a bias are the bartenders. Through their years in the industry, they come face to face with thousands of spirits brands and serve them on the rocks or as part of great concoctions they create. 

They can easily differentiate between a good spirit and a great one. But how can one get to know what multiple bartenders think for a particular spirit at once? The answer is the Bartender Spirits Awards. The aim of the competition is to provide independent and honest reviews for brands targeting the U.S. bar trade. The competition, judged by bartenders, bar managers, and buyers for the on-premise industry, looks to recognize brands that belong on the shelves of bars, restaurants, and other establishments. 

The bartenders are the true influencers, directing the consumers with their passion and taste. If a brand is looked at by bartenders and the immediate reaction is, yes! I would serve it at my establishment, that brand has made its mark. At the 2021 Bartender Spirits Awards, one such brand and product was Cylinder Vodka

Stelios Stavrianos, a bartender turned producer had a simple idea, to bring to people a vodka that tasted great. From a young age, Stelios understood the notion that resilience and perseverance were the keys to success. Instilled with a back-breaking work ethic from a young age, Stelios juggled multiple jobs with his passions pulling him in different directions. It was his love for bartending that brought along the idea for Cylinder Vodka, a spirit with the ability to seamlessly blend with any craft cocktail and hold its own on the rocks. 

Cylinder Vodka’s rise to the top

Stelios’ Mediterrenean background was the key to his understanding that drinking in a social setting is a way to strengthen bonds among friends and family. He felt that with Cylinder Vodka he could capitalize on the gap between the taste and the quality of the vodkas on the market. Cylinder Vodka was born by the trade and for the trade. 

Cylinder Vodka, Source Cylinder Vodka

A gluten-free vodka, distilled six times and filtered four times, with organic ingredients and made in small batches, Cylinder Vodka is true perfection in a bottle. Smooth on the mouth, Cylinder Vodka packs a lot of punch. Flavors of crushed black peppercorns dried rosemary, and bitter brown sugar makes, for a great tasting experience. These flavors and the quality of the vodka along with the sleek packaging came together to bring Cylinder Vodka the Vodka of the Year award at the 2021 Bartender Spirits Awards. 

The brand was also conferred with the Vodka Producer of the Year award at the competition.


Cylinder Vodka Concoctions

With great vodka comes great craft cocktail recipes. The best vodka in the world, Cylinder Vodka is not averse to this statement either. It is at the heart of multiple amazing concoctions like the Coconut Lychee Martini. 

A tropical treat, the Coconut Lychee Martini combines pineapple, lychee, and coconut with Cylinder Vodka. It is a poolside sipper you won’t stop enjoying once you drink it for the first time. 


2 oz Cylinder Vodka
.75 oz coconut cream
.75 oz pineapple juice
.5 oz lychee liqueur


Combine all ingredients into a martini shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously. Double strain into a martini glass and garnish with a pineapple slice. 

The Coconut Lychee Martini is just one of the many amazing cocktails with Cylinder Vodka at its heart. There are many more cocktail recipes that you may try with the winning taste of Cylinder Vodka. 

Crafted with the highest quality ingredients and thoughtfully made with self-taught distillation and years of formulating, Cylinder Vodka is the original bartender-crafted vodka. Stelios Stavrionas has brought a vodka brand that will keep shining for years to come with additions to the product line planned in the future. The brand is going to go places and we cannot wait to see the journey unfold. 

You can follow the distillery on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to get a look at what goes into making the best vodka in the world. 

Header Image Credit Cylinder Vodka

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