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D'USSE Cognac's First Global Ambassador takes the stage

Photo for: D'USSE Cognac's First Global Ambassador takes the stage

02/08/2019 Sullivan Doh steals the spotlight as D’USSE Cognac’s first global ambassador

D'USSE, which is a joint endeavor between Bacardi Limited and rapper Jay-Z, has tapped an appealing new face to advance its soul around the globe and make a sprinkle in a class commanded by heavyweights Hennessy, Remy Martin, Courvoisier, and Martell.

Sullivan Doh is D'USSE cognac's first worldwide diplomat, entrusted with bringing a consciousness of the developing brand far and wide. Doh is the fellow benefactor of celebrated Paris bar Le Syndicat, which became famous by serving just French spirits.

Doh made his worldwide presentation at Tales of the Cocktail a week ago, facilitating a media and exchange occasion that combined a mixed drink making class with a piece of music blending exercise with popular maker ninth Wonder.

Sullivan Doh

Doh, who as a component of Le Syndicat, made it his central goal to center and advance just French spirits, says that his experience straightforwardly set him up to advance D'USSE. He touches base at a helpful time for cognac in the U.S.; cognac deals in America are at untouched high. A year ago, 14.8 million 9-liter instances of schnaps or cognac were sold in the U.S., signifying over $2.7 billion in deals, as indicated by the Distilled Spirits Council of America. Since 2002, the soonest accessible information, schnaps and cognac deals are up 53%, while the very premium class is up 478%.

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