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Abolsut Vodka launches booze with actual apple and strawberry juice

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29/07/2019 Absolut Vodka is taking a step into the lower calorie world with vodka that has only 99 calories

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Absolut Vodka has discharged two genuine organic product juice blends (in apple and strawberry enhances) that are all-characteristic, but at the same time are just 99 calories. While bringing down a mixed drink or two isn't what could be compared to an incredible perspiration sesh at the exercise center, this new container certainly makes drinking somewhat more righteous. 

"Absolut Juice has the perfect balance of natural flavors and well-balanced sweetness that is a great pairing to a glass of soda water filled with ice," the website says: "Strawberry Edition is fresh and smooth with rich notes of sun-ripened strawberries while Apple Edition is fresh in both aroma and taste with a distinct character of ripened apple."

Absolut Pink Vodka Strawberry

It sounds all incredible and awesome, yet I needed to know...does it really taste as extraordinary as it sounds? As indicated by the audit, that answer is a reverberating yes. "I saw this and chose to take a risk and give it a shot. Goodness man it was the best choice ever!" one fan composed. "Never been an enthusiast of seasoned vodkas, however, this is something to get amped up for," another additional. 

We’re definitely obsessed!

The beverage, which per the brand is best combined with a club soft drink, is under 100 calories, has got five percent genuine natural product squeeze, and, the best part is that still packs a boozy punch. It's sort of like the wilderness juice you certainly drank in college...only it tastes great and won't cause an incredible same headache.

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